Adonia StemuLift

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    Bella Magazine

    The 27p day green wrinkle buster

    Hailed in LA as the natural anser to Botox and fillers - and apparently loved by Cameron Diaz.

    Adonia stemulift Serum contains a mix of plany stem cells an organic Greek botanicals, and is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just nine days.

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    Best Magazine

    After nine days, our tester's crow's feet had faded slightly and skin felt firmer and tighter, giving a rested look. It's a little on the pricey side, but we were impressed by the speedy results.

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    Essentials Magazine

    Amazing Super-Cream

    Hollywood celebs are ditching the Botox and fillers and relying on the skin-plumping benefits of Adonia Stemulift Serum to get their skin 'Firm Ready'.

    Ttrials cliam wrinkles are reduced by 43% in just nine days - there's definitely been a speedy improvement in the appearance of our skin.

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    Grazia Magazine

    Adonia StemuLift

    The secret to Cameron Diaz's look? Adonia Stemulift! Hailed in LA as the natural answer to cosmetic surgery, the appearance of wrinkles is reduce by 43% in nine days!

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    Heat Magazine

    Cameron Diaz

    "I'm anti-Botox- it starts off as I'll just fix this one little thing and before you know it, you've got a new nose, lips... This cream removes wrinkles and blemishes and makes me look younger."

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    Hello Magazine

    Adonia StemuLift

    This anit-ageing face cream combines line-fighting plant stem cells with hydrating oils. Megan Fox is a fan.

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    No.1 Magazine

    Problem: Fine lines all over

    When it's just general ageing of the skin you want ot tackle, Adonia Stemulift is excellent. It promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within nine days - and there's photographic evidence to back it up. The cream feels light and is easilly absorbed but also seems to be penetrating the skin and plumping everything up for an all over more youthful appearance.

Adonia LegTone Serum

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    US Magazine

    Adonia Organics

    Denise Richards gives cellulite the boot with botanical Leg-Tone smoothing serum.

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    AOL Stylelist

    Nine Minute Miracle Cellulite Cream

    Can a cellulite cream really work in nine minutes? Wait, can a cellulite cream work at all? That's what Greek Island Labs' Adonia LegTone serum is claiming and not only did they sell out within seven days of launching in the United states, they also already have over 100,000 advance orders in the United Kingdom.

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    Celebs Magazine

    Nine Minute Miracle Cellulite Cream

    Can a cellulite cream really work in nine minutes? Wait, can a cellulite cream work at all? That's what Greek Island Labs' Adonia LegTone serum is claiming and not only did they sell out within seven days of launching in the United states, they also already have over 100,000 advance orders in the United Kingdom.

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    No.1 Magazine

    Hailed as a miracle cream it claims to reduce cellulite by 47 percent in nine minutes! Adonia say they are the first to use regenerative properties of plant cells which breathes life into weaken skin, erasing bumps!

    NO.1 SAYS We gave this serum a try - nine minutes later there was a definite toning of the skin and it felt much softer and more taut. Skin was much smoother; more so than with any other cream we've ever tried.

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    Cosmopolitan Bride

    Adonia LegTone Serum claims to reduce orange peel skin by a whopping 47 percent - in just nine minutes!

    TESTER VERDICT: As soon as I applied the serum, my thighs tightened and after nine minutes the skin looked smoother. Six weeks later, I've seen a massive reduction in my cellulite. It's worth it before a holiday. 9/10

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    More Magazine

    Adonia LegTone Serum

    This cream has amazing results and smooths the appearance of cellulite in just nine minutes, making it worthy of the big price tag.

    It contains plant stem cells, which rejuvenate the cells that lead to cellulite, as well as 23 different plant oils which all work to make the skin firmer with better elasticity. This is your ultimate beach body buy - start saving now.

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    Daily Express News

    No ifs and butts, it works says our girl

    I HAVE always been cynical about anti-cellulite creams - but this one really works, writes, Elisa Roche.

    As a self-confessed beauty junkie my bathroom overflows with potions promising fast, incredible results.

    I must have tried every fat-shifting product going from budget options to the world's priciest creams.

    And women's magazine will all tell you that simple caffeine is the main ingredient in most of them.

    the persistent dimple of cellulite on my leg vanished. Maybe it will return, but for now I'm feeling rather smug.

    I give the Adonia LegTone serum 8/10.

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    Top Sante Magazine

    Adonia LegTone

    The Claim: Said to visibly improve dimple skin by 47% in minutes, thanks to a high-tech serum containing plant stem cells, which strengthen weaken human stem cells.

    Tester's verdict: This definitely had an immediate tautening and lifting effect, which is a real confidence booster when wearing skirts. I can see this product being my best friend during the summer months. Fiona Mcallum, 42

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    Grazia/Vogue Magazine

    Thinner thighs

    When we heard that the makers of last year's sell-out anti-aging face cream. Athena 7 Minute Lift had come up with another miracle, this time for the body, we waited with bared breath for it. Well, proven clinical tests back up its astonishing claims and , if used daily for six weeks, it promises a further 71 percent reduction in the 'orange peel' effect. Smoother, slimmer thighs without having to break a sweat.

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    Look Magazine

    Get it or regret it...

    The 9-Minute cellulite Buster

    If you're fighting the dimples (us too!), try this new wonder serum. It claims to blitz orange peel in minutes and has sold out stateside.

    We gave it a go and loved the toning effect.

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    Fabulous Magazine

    One week to go, Time to site back

    with a week to go, it's time to get serious. But what could be serious about sitting down? "Well... Start by putting your bum until legs are parallel to the floor, cross your arms and hold the position." says Ali. "It sounds easy, but this simple move will build great LegTone." Adonia LegTone Serum claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite by 47% in nine minutes. If you're after a zero-effort solution, fixes don't get much quicker.

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    Woman's Own Magazine

    The 9-minute cellulite cure

    Our tester Helen Hewitt, 43 gave it a go:

    AFTER NINE MINUTES 'It sinks in immediately. the results were incredible - my highs looked less dimply and my skin felt toned.'

    AFTER SIX WEEKS 'My cellulite had virtually disappeared and the tops of my thighs looked firmer.'

    VERDICT 'Works for me.'

Adonia StemuTone Body Serum

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    Daily Mail

    10,000 tubes of cream that hides stretch marks are sold in 48 hours!

    Cellulite saggy skin, stretch marks.. it's enought to get any worman thinking about a little nip and tuck - or expensive spa treatments at the very least.

    If only there was an affordable cream available in shops to sort out all your wobbley bits..

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    Daily Express

    The first 10,000 tubes of organic Adonia Stemutone cream have already been snapped up by British women keen to tone their skin and lift cheeks or foreheads.

    News of the cream spread by word-of-mouth after independent lab tests in America claimed it could reduce saggy skin by up to 78 per cent if used twice a day for 28 days.

Adonia Bronzing Collection

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    US Weekly

    Adonia Bronzing Glow

    Packed with Greek botanical oils, this streak-free sunless taning spray boasts devotees such as Karina Smirnoff.

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    Life & Style

    Adonia Bronzing Collection

    When Emily Maynard needs that perfect tan in the middle of winter, she turns to Adonia Organics' Bronzing Collection.

    The DIY and completely organic package leaves no unsightly streaks or overwhelming odor, just a natural glow!

Adonia LashAlive & BrowRevive

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    Instyle Magazine

    Adonia LashAlive Serum

    The Promise: it conditions and strengthens lashes, thanks to ingredients sage, yarrow and chamomile.

    The payoff: "After a month, my lashes were thicker and the cooling effect gave my eyes a kick-start," says contributing beauty editor Donna Francis.

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    Professional Beauty

    Adonia LashAlive

    There is probably only one thing clients want more than a body like Scarlett Johanson's and thats long eyelashes. Its LashAlive treatment uses a blend of organic botanicals to stimulate eyelash growth and boost thickness while also strengthening and preventing hair loss.

    We think you may end up trying it yourselves. Just for research, of course.

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    Zest Beauty

    The Natural Option

    I've always been envious of people with long, thick lashes, being in the short and stubbly brigade myself. So I was intrigued to see if something made with organic oils and botanicalsrather than harsh chemicals could work.

    After three weeks I started tonotice an impreovement. My lashes were far noticeable, whereas normally it take a few coats of mascara for them to have any presence. I think its worth the investment.

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    No.1 Magazine

    NO.1 BUY : LashAlive

    As we get older, our lahes often deplete naturally. So you can imagine how very excited we are about this new product LashAlive aims to not only help ou grow more lashes naturally, but to also help preserve the ones you already have.

    It's a serum that is applied along the lashline like liquid eyelinder and after three weeks you should notice real results!

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    The Times Magazine

    Long, sweeping lashes are alluring, symbolishing yourth and fertility - and don't we know it.

    LashAlive, a combination of 19 essential oils blended with other know hair-stimulating products. It is being offered as a natural organic alternative to Latisse.

    LashAlive too has conducted clinical trials, which found that 92 percent of users noticed an improvement in their lashes.

Adonia Hair Reducer

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    Express Mail

    Rush to buy cream that cuts down on shaving.

    A new potion claims it can help men and woman cut down on the chore of regular shaving, saving both time and money.

    It is hailed as a healthy alternative to exprensive hair-removal treatments such as lasers or electrolysis.

    During trials in the US, the Adonia HairReducer showed a 46 percent reduction in hair growth after 21 days, with a 70 percent reduction after six weeks. That means the frequency of shaving could be cut by as much as 80 percent.

    The serum works best when applied morning, night and immediately after shaving.

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    Daily Mail

    Shave every three weeks!

    A Cream which slows the growth of hair by 70 percent could result in men shaving just once very three weeks. It works on both men and woman, meaning five o'clock shadows and girls spending hours in the bath shaving their legs could soon be a thing of the past.

    Adonia Hairreducer serum, pictured, uses organic plant oils to weaken hair formation and is being hailed as a healthy alternative to expensive hair removal treatments such as electrolysis.

Athena 7 Minute Lift

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    Womans Own Magazine

    We put the latest anti-aging wonder cream to the test. Start queuing now! Just days after Athena 7 Minute Lift hit UK shelves, the must-have cream has sold out. Now makers are frantically trying to restock the anti-aging product -whose fans include Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox - to meet 200,000 more orders. A fraction of the price of Botox at £49.95, the cream tackles wrinkles by tightening and lifting the skin.

    Reader tested Linda Garrett, 44, from Cardiff, tried the cream. Here's her verdict...

    Straight after brushing the cream around my eyes and the lines down to my mouth, my skin began to tingle. After three minutes, I could see a difference.

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    Grazia / Vogue Magazine



    Last week, the cream - the Athena 7 Minute Lift- was dubbed nothing short of an anti-aging phenomenon. It's basically a wrinkle relaxing cream that women in the US have been hailing as the new Botox in a jar. As the name suggests, it promises to soften your lines and restrict your facial expressions in just seven minutes.

    So desperate have UK beauty addicts been for it's arrival that the company has racked up an unbelievable 200,000 advance orders for the cream.

    So does the Athena 7 Minute lift live up to the hype? Our Beauty Director Nicola Moulton put it to the test. It's quite incredible when you first experience it. This is definitely worth a go!

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    Fabulous Magazine


    Try Jennifer Aniston's favorite line smoother, Athena 7 Minute Lift. Twelve organic Greek essential oils minimize wrinkles in seven minutes. Use as a quick fix or every day for a long term solution.

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    Look Magazine

    Instant Face-Lift

    Even if your skin is sensitive, you can still get results. The ingredients in this much-hyped cream are organic and plant based. You'll get an instant lift and longer term anti-sagging if you stick with it.

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    In Style Magazine

    Hot Finds

    Naomi Campbell

    The FIND Athena 7 minute lift

    WHY SHE LOVES IT This brand new anti aging product has just hit the beauty hall at Harvey Nichols. Apply a tiny amount of the cream which contains natural oils from Greece, and watch as in seven minutes wrinkles appear to melt. Naomi Campbell, Liv Tyler and Gisele all requested samples before it even hit the stores. We predict a sell-out.

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    Bella Magazine


    Cheaper than Botox, Athena 7 Minute Lift, gives an instant lift to the forehead and eye area and lasts for hours.

    Billed as the 'facelift in a jar' the primary ingredients in this much-hyped cream are the 12 organic botanical oils that help stimulate and plump cells.

    Bella Rating 10/10

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    Yorkshire Post

    The Athena 7 Minute Lift is a new cult beauty product that's a pain-free and organic alternative to Botox. You dab it lightly on to your wrinkles and it smooths them out. It is particularly effective on the eye area but can also be used on foreheads, anywhere on the face and under the chin for a lifting and tightening effect. It's surprisingly effective, using only pure, natural, Greek botanical oils.

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    The Guardian

    This little pot of promise, containing 12 organic Greek plant oils, caused a frenzy when it launched last year.

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    Womans Own Magazine

    Crow's Feet Cures - Lotions and Potions

    Try the brand-new Athena 7 Minute Lift cream, which plumps out lines and wrinkles - backed by scientific research that shows they help reduce wrinkles.

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    'Facelift in a jar?'

    So here I am at 7 am on a dark November morning, peering into a mirror with a little pot of hope in one hand and a tiny brush in the other. I am about to try the latest anti-wrinkle miracle cream, hailed by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Arquette as Botox in a jar.

    Packed in a mauve box and called Athena 7 Minute Lift, it claims to have been "clinically proven to naturally reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just seven minutes." No big cosmetic company has had it hands on this baby yet. "Thousands of Americans can't be wrong," gushes one hand-out. Hmmm.

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    The Sun

    BOTOX in a jar by Caroline Crowe

    It is being hailed as a "facelift in a jar" and women are clambering to get their hands on it.

    The cream promises results in just seven minutes and works by temporarily "freezing" the skin and plumping it up. A US study claimed it reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 84 per cent.

    Belinda Sharrier, 46, a PA from Ilford in Essex said: "After a minute you could feel it tingling and my skin started to feel tighter. Afterwards it felt smoother and you could see a difference in the fine lines around my eyes.

    "It is expensive, but you only use a very small amount. If the jar last for 90 days as it claims, I think it's worth investing in it"

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    At Home

    Organic face lift in a jar? It's true, you really can reduce the appearance of sagging skin, lines and wrinkles WITHOUT painful, expensive injections and WITHOUT dangerous muscle relaxers or harsh chemical ingredients. Now, it's possible with Athena 7 Minute Lift.

    The primary ingredients consist of pure, natural, Greek botanical oils that help to nourish your skin. None of our products contain any harsh chemical ingredients and are parabens free. The entire Athena Skin Care Collection is kind and gentle to all skin types.

    See results on your very first application in just 7 minutes! Daily use increases your long-term results. Clinically proven at one of the nation's top cosmetics' laboratories: "In seven minutes it significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles an average of 83.72% on a full-face evaluation."

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    Miracle Cream or a load of Botox?

    TV's Christine Hamilton, 58, tests the new 'miracle' cream, said to be better than Botox.

    AS A SELF CONFESSED Botox fan I wondered whether this new cream would measure up. The makers of Athena 7 Minute Liftâ„¢ claim it offers a painless, injection-free alternative to Botox and celeb fans are said to include Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox.

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    The Sunday Times Style Magazine


    If you're jabphobic - no matter how subtle the effects can be (see page 50) - you're probably looking for an alternative to Botox. If you've had your ear to the ground, you will have heard of the latest cream being touted as "Botox in a jar". Athena's 7 minute Lift, which has just launched in the UK, may well have several A-list fans presumably because it was included in their goodie bags at the Golden Globes) and has been featured on Good Morning America, but its main active ingredient is, unfortunately, not so headline-grabbing.

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    For a facelift without the surgery, try Athena's 7-minute lift - known as an organic facelift in a jar. Already taking the beauty market by storm Stateside, the pure, natural, Greek botanical oils nourish the skin and significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles - without any pain.

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    The London Paper


    Face cream is 'magic'

    Prepare for the stampede - a new "magic" anti-wrinkle cream is here.

    Billed as "Botox in a jar", the Athena 7 Minute Lift cream claims it could spell an end to plastic surgery or chemical injections against wrinkles.

    Botox which is injected directly into the face, works by relaxing the facial muscles, the effects of which last for six months. In Britain, around 10,000 women have twice-yearly treatments.

    The cream is said to work by "freezing" the skin.

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    The Times




    They say "The organic facelift in a jar. Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles without painful, expensive injections and without dangerous muscle relaxers or harsh chemical ingredients."

    We say A best seller in the States, more than 200,000 jars have been snapped up since it went on sale here last week.

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    The Mirror


    Billed as a "facelift in a jar", Athena 7 Minute Lift is expected to sell out online in days.

    And with celebrity fans such as Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.

    Athena's makers claim it is the first cosmetic offering an injection-free and painless alternative to Botox. The cream is blended with 12 organic Greek botanical oils, that the Greeks have long valued due to their ability to help attain youthful skin. The main ingredient is acetyl hexapeptide-3, a molecule that works to relax facial tension and reduce wrinkles, without being harsh to the skin.