Keep Them Guessing

Gift Package

Be the most beautiful woman in the room at your next party! This package has three must-have anti-aging essentials that will keep everyone guessing your real age. Athena 7 Minute Lift will prepare you for your next event by dramatically reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles in just 7 minutes. Next, focus on diminishing deep wrinkles, saggy skin and dark circles by rejuvenating your skin's own natural stem cells with Adonia StemuLift.

Goddess Glow

Gift Package

Bronzing Glow - Sunless Tanning Body Foam

Get a perfect tan at home with Adonia Bronzing Collection! This gentle body foam employs a proprietary, time-tested combination of 12 Organic Essential Oils from the Aegean eco-system to give you a gorgeous, healthy, sun kissed bronze tan; without ever setting foot in the sun. You get an instant result, immediately after applying it and your tan will gradually deepen over the next several hours.

Bronzing Goddess - Self Tanning Foam for the Face & Neck

Adonia Bronzing Goddess is the perfect companion to Bronzing Glow for a flawless tan on your face and neck. This specially formulated facial foam gives you the convenience of effortless application, instant results, and the gentle organics ingredients your face needs for an even, long-lasting, bronze glow.

Head To Toe Makeover

Gift Package

Make dry skin a thing of the past with this complete body makeover package! Firm up your skin from head to toe with the latest anti-aging treatments using plant stem cells. Adonia StemuLift will reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles on your face and neck while Adonia StemuTone goes to work on stretch marks, fine lines on the body and dry skin.

Runway Ready Legs

Gift Package

Runway ready legs are just minutes away with this essential combination of Adonia LegTone and Adonia Hair Reducer. Start by erasing the appearance of embarrassing cellulite in just 9 minutes with Adonia LegTone. Next, get ready to show off your freshly toned legs by using Adonia Hair Reducer to reduce the appearance of hair and more time enjoying silky smooth skin!

Bombshell Body

Gift Package

Release your full potential with this "Bombshell in a bottle" package! This problem-solving package will help you wipe away the years by targeting aging skin on your entire body and reducing the appearance of stubborn cellulite dimples. The end result is smoother, sexier, younger-looking skin from top to bottom.